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Tracking Controller

Product Information -

The Price TC controller is designed for tracking pair solutions to provide precision volumetric offset control in operating rooms and critical patient care spaces. This valve-mounted controller includes full reheat control and the convenience of native BACnet communication.

The TC is designed to accurately maintain a user-defined volumetric offset between the supply and return/exhaust valve in a VAV system. As the supply valve modulates to satisfy ventilation, temperature or occupancy requirements, the corresponding return/exhaust valve “tracks” to maintain the preset CFM offset in support of maintain room pressure differentials.

Multiple flow feedback input options allow the TC tracking pair controller to be used with Price venturi valves, single-duct terminal units or a combination of both, maximizing valve selection flexibility for system designers.

Commissioning software allows quick and thorough setup of the TC system with the ability to generate a printable test report.

Features +

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