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Multi-Variable Monitor

Product Information -

The Price Multi-Variable Monitor (MVM) is a touchscreen monitor that is able to connect to multiple devices. The MVM can be used as a remote station to monitor multiple rooms as it displays critical information for each room.

The device supports both BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP to connect with the room level devices. The monitor can display any BACnet point including alarm status, room temperature and humidity, room pressure, air change rate per hour, and occupancy.

An easy to use interface allows the user to quickly and easily identify the source of any alarms. Audible alarms are available locally and remotely. Password protection ensures that only administrators can change room settings.

Product Features +

  • Critical Controls Healthcare Solutions


    This catalog reviews the different methods and products available for room pressure monitoring and control

  • Multi-Variable Monitor (MVM) Catalog


    This catalog provides an overview of the MVM, including a product overview, typical application information, specification details, and dimensional data.

  • Multi-Variable Monitor (MVM) Manual


    This manual reviews features, installation, and setup for the MVM.

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