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Laboratory Space Controller

Product Information -

The LSC is designed for laboratory applications that require airflow and temperature control using a dedicated system that ties into the fume hoods within the space. The digital controller maintains a constant volumetric offset between the supply, general exhaust and fume hood air valves in the VAV system to ensure accurate control of directional airflow. Fume hood controllers are daisy chain wired to the controller and the local network uses Price M-Net for a less than 1 second speed of response between the controllers.

The LSC can tie in a room pressure sensor to monitor the pressure in the space with a local visual and audible alarm option available.

Room temperature and humidity are measured using a Price thermostat mounted in the occupied space. Simple connection to thermostat is provided with plug and play RJ45 cables. Outputs for the LSC for reheat and humidity include binary (24VAC), staged, and analog (0-10VDC).

With Native BACnet MS/TP communication, the LSC can tie into building management systems (BMS). When connected to the network both the space and attached fume hood variables are available for monitoring and control.

Commissioning software allows quick and thorough setup of the LSC system with the ability to generate a printable test report.

  • Volumetric control up to 8 supply or general exhaust valves.
  • System control of up to 16 fumehoods.
  • Temperature and humidity controls.
  • High speed flash based microprocessor.
  • Multi-stage surge protection against voltage transients on 24 VAC input.
  • Pluggable terminal blocks.
  • Panel enclosure or valve-mount options.
  • Two level password protected menus.
  • Service port on Thermostat or RPI for use with Linker2 setup software.
  • Setup Wizard – walk through setup of the LSC when first powered up.
  • Simple plug and play RJ45 connections to the fume hood controllers, thermostats, and pressure monitors.

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