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Fume Hood Exhaust Venturi Valve

Product Information -

Price Fume Hood exhaust Venturi Valves (VV) maintain a constant face velocity by controlling the airflow from a variable volume fume hood. The Fume Hood Controller (FHC) calculates the flow requirement by measuring the sash position to calculate the face velocity or by measuring the face velocity using a sidewall airflow sensor.

Venturi Valves (VV) are mechanically pressure independent control valves designed specifically for room pressure and fume hood control applications. The highly engineered internal cone assembly ensures the valve will respond to changes in duct static pressure in less than one second, while turndown ratios in excess of 16:1 serve to maximize energy savings in unoccupied or minimum flow set-points.

Features +

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  • Fume Hood Controller (FHC) Commissioning Tool Tutorial


    This video demonstrates how to utilize the Fume Hood Controller Commissioning Tool for Fume Hood Controller setup and balancing.

  • Pressure Independence


    This video demonstrates how a Price Venturi Valve maintains pressure independence.

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